Yes, we are a  store, but just like everyone else we do love a good laugh.

In our hectic, busy lives, some good old humor is like a whiff of fresh air. Plus, laughter burns calories. So, it’s like a workout for the brain and mind. The Internet is filled with hilarious memes, witty write-ups, animal captions, and a lot more. There are numerous humor blogs that’ll make you go ROFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing). To make it easier for you to laugh, we have compiled a list of the top 10 funniest blogs on the Internet. These are unique in their own ways, and are not listed in any particular order here.

10 Funniest Blogs That Will Make You Laugh

Whether you are in a bad mood, simply waiting for someone or just plain bored; these will thoroughly entertain you. So just browse through them, and don’t blame us if you get hooked!

Parenal Parody

Parent Jokes Funny

Being a parent is not easy! Parental Parody explores the absurdities of being a parent. People who enjoy parody and sarcasm, this one is for you. And of course, parents! It has a hilarious take on parents who try too hard. So celebrate the quirks and explore categories like parenting fails, distracted parenting, domestic goddess, hubby, public image, my feral threesome, and FFS Friday.

Passive Aggressive Notes

We all have had moments in life where we couldn’t display our anger. Some people are experts in channelizing this anger in a ridiculously polite way. Here’s where these so-called polite notes spewing with passive aggression come into the picture. They nail the point without really insulting anyone (at least directly). Passive Aggressive Notes is a collection of such absolutely hilarious notes. Get ready to discover some rib-tickling notes by really pissed off people. Gag Gifts

The Bloggess

Jenny Lawson (AKA the Bloggess) has been blogging about her strange life for almost a decade. The blog is not for the faint-hearted. If you get easily offended, better stay away, because this blog is brutally honest, yet totally entertaining. Her writing is witty and has a randomness to it, which makes for an appealing read. You must definitely check out this award-winning blog.

Aiming Low

This perfectly mediocre blog is perfectly hilarious. They celebrate anti-perfection in a unique way. They describe themselves as a group of women/men/moms/dads/bloggers/friends/writers that believe that there is no shame in serving mac and cheese for dinner three nights in a row. Indeed, perfection is overrated. But this blog isn’t! So get ready to get thoroughly entertained with their posts that find beauty in the most common things in life.

Awkward Family Photos

All of us have had extremely amusing experiences during family gatherings. How can we forget the awkward photo sessions that are an integral part of every holiday! Started by childhood friends Mike and Doug in 2009, Awkward Family Photos celebrates this awkwardness in the most quirky way. This blog is a result of a funny vacation photo hung in Mike’s parents’ place and has some of the most hysterical photos you might have ever seen. So get ready for a laughter dose with some sick and weird photos. Don’t forget to share your awkward family photos with them as well.

Sad and Useless

This is one website you simply cannot miss. You’ll find some of a hilarious animal pictures on the Internet here. Their unique captions never fail to amuse. Both dog and cat lovers are sure to have a gala time here. This sad and useless attempt at humor (that’s how they describe themselves) will instantly cheer you up. So head over to the ‘most depressive site on the Internet’, and get ready to go ROFL.


When you need a really strong humor pill, head over here. Cracked is like the quintessential humor blog. There’s just so much to explore here. You’ll find everything, right from funny videos to hilarious personal experiences, and gut-bursting pictures to entertaining articles. All these are submitted by regular contributors as well as readers.


Absolutely rib-tickling, this funny blog is an absolute treat for all the cat lovers out there. But hey, even if you aren’t one, you will find this blog addictive. They have channels like I Can have Cheez Burger, FAIL Blog, Memebase, Geek Universe, and many others. There’s something for everyone here. You’ll end losing track of time as you explore their side-splitting content.

Cake Wrecks

Humor can be found in the most unexpected places. Take cakes, for example. When bakers goof up, the result can be hilarious. We all have had some unpleasant icing experiences, haven’t we? The brainchild of Jen, Cake Wrecks has a huge collection of the funniest, creepiest, and weirdest cakes ever made. Some of these are downright appropriate. Cherry on the cake, or should I say the wrecked cake are brilliant captions by Jen.


You must check out this blog for some of the most original and whacky how-to ideas (how-not-to actually!). You won’t learn anything from them, but you’ll get addicted to the witty content. The original posts are made by Jeff Wyaski, whose work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Time Magazine, Forbes Online, and Gawker, to name a few. You’ll find funny videos, gifs, and animal posts collected from all over the Internet here.

We are sure you are already hooked! So which one did you like the most of these 10 funniest blogs ? Hard to choose, isn’t it? There must be other equally amusing blogs over the Internet. Do share your favorites with us. Till then, happy browsing!